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MNI Recycled Paper is the first 100% Recycled Paper produced by Malaysia Newsprint Industry. Just launched during Sept 2015, CP Stationery collaborates with MNI Recycled Paper to promote this environmental friendly paper throughout Malaysia.


Double A >

Double A promises to provide the highest quality paper for all the consumers. What makes Double A so special is the trees they used for making papers. Double A’s Paper Tree, which is grown along the rice paddy ridges of more than 1.5 million farmers across Thailand through a uniquely Asian solution to the sustainable sourcing of fiber that called PFFT – “Paper from Farmed Trees”.



Uniball founded by Niroku Masaki (Masaki Pencil Manufacturing Company) in year 1887 with headquarter and production facilities based in Japan. With their desire to create products that uniquely matched every individual users needs.



A Japanese corporation based in Tokyo. PLUS is a major manufacturer, wholesales and exporter of office products with over 60 years of experience and already a household name in Japan. It has wide range of products from office supplies such as correction tape, tape glue, scissors, staplers, and file holders, to security stationery such as Kes’pon Stamp, as well as household goods such as the decoration tape DECO RUSH series and the scissors FITCUT CURVE series.


Standard has experienced phenomenal and sustained growth at the forefront of Indonesia’s writing instrument industry for more than 40 years. Today, PT Standard pen Industries is S.E. Asia’s  largest writing instrument manufacturer and



PENAC was established in 1997 as distribution and marketing base for PENAC branded writing instruments exclusively made by  Kotobuki & Co. Ltd., the founded originally based on well-known patent in 1974. Every single pen that was produce is thoroughly inspected to ensure the unparalleled quality of the product.



70 years of manufacturing writing instrument, which meet the highest demand in quality, writing comfort and longevity. The good Schneider refill itself has become the epitome of excellent writing culture. Pioneering spirit and openness to new things ensure continuous further development and adaptation of their product portfolio – way above market requirements.